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Clarity, organization, and a clear focus on your mission are essential before seeking funding. Vision is paramount but vision only works accompanied by clarity and focus.

If you can see your vision; it is possible.

If you want it badly enough; you will create it.

At some point, we realize this is but a play and we choose what and how to create. The funding is available. It is out there. The majority of the work is within.

Fundraising and grant writing are not mysterious.

Mutual understanding of intention, capability, and accountability should be crystal clear. Ambiguity and uncertainty are not welcome at the table.

Writing a grant proposal is the equivalent of applying for an unconventional loan, risky for any potential investor.

A grant is not a gift.

Be very clear about these four points:

  1. what you want to create
  2. how you propose to create it
  3. how you will measure the progress and success of this creation
  4. why you are capable of the above three points 

I can guide you in determining whether it is the right time to ask for funding, who to ask, and how to ask.

If this makes sense and you need some guidance, reach out. Let’s talk. 



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