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My Story

If we are fortunate, we wake up to understand that life is a play. It is beautiful, cruel, and everything in-between.

We choose what we want to create and determine how we wish to create.

I was a student of philosophy at a very young age. I knew the typical path was not for me. Yet, without direction, I fell into well-worn paths.

I worked hard making money for others without seeing any impact on the world. My days became gray. No matter how much I forced it, work was unfulfilling.

For fourteen years, my wife and I were passing strangers in the night handing the car keys to each other as we raced back and forth to work. 

Together we had three full-time jobs, raised three children, while completed two degrees.

It eventually came to a halt. It had to. 

One autumn day, stuck in D.C. traffic for nearly two hours, I finally accepted this way of life did not make sense. I parked my car and reflected until dusk fell.

It was both an end and a beginning of many things to come.

I decided to work for causes that fed my soul. I began work for a small mental health nonprofit that served the marginalized.

I learned everything I could about the nonprofit sector. I worked and volunteered in every available capacity. I attended every possible training I could find. I read everything I could get my hands on

I understood I could live the life I wanted and five years later began work as an independent fundraising consultant, grant writer, researcher, and copywriter.

I work with dozens of nonprofits from small local organizations to well established international organizations.

I use innovative and time tested techniques writing copy for direct mail and email appeals.

The written word holds power. Words protect the endangered. Words welcome in the marginalized. Words ease pain and words create homes. Words nourish the hungry.

Funding for your organization is available. It is out there. You need a writer.

I can guide you in determining whether it is the right time to ask, who to ask, and how to ask. 

If you’ve read this far, you are ready to continue on your path.

Let’s talk.